Residential Homes

We can manage all your home requirements, whether it be new build wiring and installation of lighting and aircon or a home renovation.

All electrical work is highly dangerous, trying to complete DIY jobs at home can also invalidate insurance policies. Don't take the risk, call Philip Hand Electrical Contractors.

One of our most common enquiries is "We want to save money, what do you suggest?"

There are a number of options you can choose when installing new electrics of updating the electrics in your home.

Firstly we suggest the installation of LED lighting, this new technology is energy efficient and over the long term will save you in lighting bills. There are different types of LED lighting including, downlights, designer bulbs and strip lights. When choosing spotlights be aware that a lot of spots have bulbs that are fixed, this mean that once the bulb has blown the whole spotlight will need to be changed.

One of the biggest changes which will impact on your power bills is the installation of Solar Power Systems. The solar panels come in various power sizes and number of panels which we can advise you on. Sourcing a good tariff is also part of this saving.